Sweets for the soul

Our mission is to provide the best quality sweets using locally sourced, organic ingredients and sharing that goodness with the community. Giving nourishment to the soul and creating a positive, connective experience. Storytelling through our sweets is our biggest strength and we want to continue to share it through our all natural, scratch made pound cakes, cookies and cobblers.

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Momma Boogie was my grandmother and she raised 7 children working as a private maid.


Through the years, she raised several of her grandchildren as well. As a young child, I remember visiting Boogie and sitting in her kitchen listening to stories of her youth as we all munched on soulful dishes. She and her siblings grew up on the red clay dirt fields of Clarksdale, Mississippi and then migrated to St. Louis to give their children a better chance at life. Overtime, Ma Boogie became a neighborhood staple, known for her feisty personality and her charitable heart. In 2012, Boogie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and in January of 2018, she was called home.

As a family, it’s been difficult to accept that she’s no longer here to laugh, joke and eat with us. So with that, I was inspired to start the cakery to keep her soulful spirit from fading and add to that another generation of sharing stories and food in Boogie’s kitchen.

Amber, age 7

Amber j.

It all started…

at the age of 7, baking my first cake with the Easy Bake Oven I got for Christmas. Since then, I’ve continued on and experienced various ups and downs in my career. When it would get stressful, I’d focus on the one thing that kept me calm and reminded me of simpler, carefree times growing up and that was baking. Now, my passion is my little cakery and I bake in honor of Momma Boogie to forever remind me of awesome times with her. . .

Email me at ambs@mommaboogies.com to order or if you have any questions.

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